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Old Telugu Music Mayabazar MP3 Songs

Banner:Vijaya Productions
Stars:N T R, Savitri, C S R, S.V.ranga Rao, A N R, Sandhya, Gummadi, Relangi, Ramana Reddy & others
Release Year:18 May 1957
Photography:Marcus Bartley
Editing:C.P.Jambulingam&Kalyana Sundaram
singers:Ghantasala, Madhavapeddi, P.Leela, Vasanta Kumari, P.Susheela, Jikki

Songs List::
1.Ahana Pellianta(Singers:P.Susheela & Ghantasala)
2.Bhali Bhali Bhali Deva(Singers:Madhavapeddi Satyam)
3.Chiranjeeva Chiranjeeva padyam(Singers:n/a)
4.Chupulu Kalasina Subha Vela(Singers:Ghantasala & Susheela)
5.Dayacheyandi(Singers:Ghantasala, Madhavapeddi & others)
6.Ghatotgaja Padam(Singers:Madhavapeddi Satyam)
7.Jai Dustasamhara Padyam(Singers:Madhavapeddi Satyam)
8.Lahiri Lahiri Lo Bit(Singers:Ghantasala & Leela)
9.Lahiri Lahiri Lo(Singers:Ghantasala & Leela)
10.Lalli la la(Singers:Jikki & Vasanta)
11.Mohini Bhasmasura Dance
12.Ni Kosame Ne Jivimchunadi(Singers:Ghantasala & Leela)
13.Nivena Nanu Talachinadi(Singers:Ghantasala & Leela)
14.Subhadra Padyam(Singers:Rushendramani)
15.Sundari Nivanti Divya Svarupamu(Singers:Ghantasala & Savitri)
17.Vinnava Yasodamma(Singers:Leela)
18.Vivaha Bhojanambu(Singers:Madhavapeddi)

Mayabazar is a Telugu film first released in the Andhra Pradesh, India on 18th May 1957, produced by B.Nagi Reddy and Alur Chakrapani. It was also made in Tamil (released a month later), and the Telugu version was later dubbed in Kannada. The story, dialogues, and song lyrics were written by Pingali Nagendra Rao.It was directed by the Telugu director K. V. Reddy. Mayabazar is considered an enduring classic of the Telugu film industry.The music delivered by Saluri Rajeswara Rao (uncredited) and Ghantasala has been extremely popular. Each and every artist induced life into the characters they played and the movie ultimately became legendary. All the actors/actress(Savithri, NTR, ANR, SV Ranga Rao, Gummadi, Relangi, Ramana Reddyetc.) who are considered as big shots (greatest) in Telugu cinema field acted in this movie.

A special screening was held at Lalita Kala Thoranam to celebrate the Golden jubilee (50 years) run of the film on 7 April 2007.
The celebration was jointly organised by the Department of Culture, Andhra Pradesh; Andhra Pradesh State Film, TV and Theatre Development Corporation and Kinnera Art Theatres, besides fans.
All the artists associated with the film were felicitated on that occasion.
A digitally remastered colour version was released in 2010.



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